Gift Flowers Nice is a flower design boutique located in Nice that praises everything beautiful. We believe that flowers give much more than just aesthetic pleasure – they inspire a wide range of emotions. This is why we are bringing to Nice a particularly elegant tradition of floral presentation.

At Gift Flowers Nice We stand for quality and exquisite elegance in everything. The unique packaging at Gift Flowers Nice defines our exclusive floral compositions that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Gift Flowers Nice color scheme is characterized by the trinity of gold, white and black. These colors convey very special emotions that are reflected in the way we assemble our bouquets and in the spirit of our shop that we would like to share with you!

Gold is the color of the sun’s balanced energy that reflects wholeness and diverse range of possibilities

White inspires activity and helps translate ideas into action

Black embodies conscious transformation and human creativity


Majestic flowers of your choice are presented to you in Luxury wrapping

Each flower bouquet in Nice is created in a truly royal spirit with strong natural flowers of the highest quality. Each bouquet is ornate with a truly unique packaging. The story isn't only about Nice flowers – it’s about the feelings!

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Elegant Gift Delivery To Nice France

100 Colorful Roses French Style

100 Colorful Roses French Style

Sales price: 590,00 €

Citrus Coulis

Blue Agapanthus With Bright Roses

Sales price: 159,00 €

French Style-Ruby

festive bouquet of scented red oriental lilies, grand prix ...

Sales price: 200,00 €
Sales price: 650,00 €

Nice Orhid Glory

Showcase Orchid An opulent bouquet of rich velvety red ...

Sales price: 259,00 €
Sales price: 139,00 €

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